Smokey Lee Jackson

Smokey Lee Jackson Biography, Family, Career and Achievements

Smokey Lee Jackson, known by his nickname “Chief Smokey”, is a 28-year-old hip-hop musician from the United States. He gained fame for his marriage to Dee Dee Davis and his notable presence on Instagram. With his African American ethnicity and passion for music, Smokey Lee Jackson has become a recognized figure in the entertainment industry. Let’s delve into the biography of Smokey Lee Jackson, including his background, personal life, and career as a hip-hop musician.

Profile Summary

Profile Information
Full Name Smokey Lee Jackson
Nickname Chief Smokey
Birth Place United States
Date of Birth 1995
Age 28 Years
Zodiac Sign N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Parents Name N/A
Siblings N/A
College N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Gender Male
Married Status Married
Spouse Name Dee Dee Davis
Children Anthony Lee Jackson
Profession Hip-hop musician
Famous For Married to Dee Dee Davis
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth N/A

Smokey Lee Jackson Biography

Smokey Lee Jackson, a well-known hip-hop artist, has produced a range of music up to this point. He has been creating music for a very long time. Also, his music has had a lot of success. Smokey’s prowess as a musician in the music industry has also drawn recognition. His fans and the public admire and respect his work.

Early in life, Smokey Lee Jackson discovered a passion for music that would last a lifetime. He had always wanted to become a famous musician. His fame soared as soon as he started working in the music business.

Being Dee Dee Davis’ companion increases his notoriety. Bryana Thompson, one of the young characters, is probably well-known to those who have watched “The Bernie Mac” program. Dee Dee Davis appeared.

Smokey Lee Age

Smokey hasn’t revealed his birthdate or hometown up until this time. Lee was born in the United States of America. Now, Smokey is over 28 years. Lee is also an American citizen of black ancestry.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearances

Smokey has kept his height and weight a secret. He may be identified as being of black ethnicity and American nationality based on his outward appearance. He has fair skin, blond hair, and dark eyes.

Childhood and Family

Smokey, also known as Chief Smokey, appears to be a very private individual. So much so that not even the most basic details about him, including his birthday, his parent’s names, the school he attended, and whether he has any siblings, are public knowledge.

What we know about Smokey is that he is an African-American citizen who was born in the US. Given their ages and the length of their connection, he could or might not have gone to the same school as Dee Dee. Yet unless there is proof, this is still just conjecture.

Smokey Lee Jackson’s Marriage

He and Dee Dee Davis have been dating since 2014, most likely since she turned 18 years old. Even though we don’t know his age, it is reasonable to presume that he is close to her age, given his youthful appearance.

Their eight-year romance was still going strong in 2022. Together, they are the parents of two kids. Logan Anthony Lee Jackson, their first child, was born in June 2017. In February 2021, Dee Dee Davis announced her second pregnancy on Instagram. Her second child was born in 2021. Both of Smokey and Dee Dee’s children are of African-American ancestry because both of them are African-African.

According to rumors, Smokey and Dee Dee got engaged in 2017 after he “romantically” proposed to her. Although they appear to be quite protective of their personal lives, there isn’t much information regarding the proposal, any children, or even any chance encounters as a couple out on a date.

Smokey Lee Jackson’s Career

Smokey Lee Jackson is a well-known hip-hop musician who creates songs and is now the most influential in his field. Many people say he’s doing this to get rich and famous, but that’s untrue. Smokey stated that Smokey has been putting in much effort for his son Anthony Lee in an Instagram post. He does everything by himself. That shows how much he cares for his son.

Social Media

Smokey Lee Jackson and Dee Dee Davis utilize social media to communicate with their fans.

Smokey Lee Jackson maintains a presence on Instagram. He may use any other social networking platform. On Instagram, Smokey Lee Jackson has 28,000 followers. His Instagram handle is @sirjacksonlewislee.

Dee Dee Davis uses Twitter, Instagram, and all three of those platforms, on Instagram, where she frequently updates her followers. She seems to be more engaged and recently announced her pregnancy on Instagram.


  • Smokey Lee Jackson is his full name, yet he also remains Chief Smokey.
  • Smokey addresses his son as the “young king” and grants him the freedom to live wherever in the globe.
  • At the fair, he first met Dee Davis, his longtime love and fiancée.
  • In California, the United States, Osbrink Talent Agency is in charge of managing its partner.
  • Smokey Lee Jackson and Dee Dee Davis started dating in 2014.


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