Sally Mulroney Biography, Siblings, Parents, Networth

Sally Mulroney is the youngest child of Wedding Date actor Dermot Mulroney and his Italian wife, Tharita Cesaroni. The famous child has just started her adolescence and is content with her life in California with her parents and sister. On the other hand, Sally’s parents had kept her life a secret from the outset.

On the other side, are you aware that Mulroney also has a half-sibling? We are all aware of the brief union between Dermot, the father of Sally, and Catherine Keener, his ex-wife. It comes out that the ex-couple has a boy who is little Sally’s half-brother.

As a result, we shall focus on Sally, the famous youngster, in this essay. How old is she? How does it feel being the daughter of two famous parents? Let’s find out together!

Profile Summary

Profile Summary
Full Name Sally Mulroney
Birth Place United States of America
Date of Birth 2009
Age 14 years
Zodiac Sign N/A
Height 4 feet and 8 inches
Weight N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color Brown
Parents’ Name Dermot Mulroney & Tharita Cesaroni
Siblings Mabel Ray Mulroney and Clyde Mulroney (Half-brother)
College N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Gender Female
Profession Celebrity Kid
Famous For Daughter of Dermot Mulroney
Social Media N/A
Net Worth Estimated 11 million dollars

Sally Mulroney Early Life

In 2009, Sally was born someplace. The celebrity youngster is currently 13 years old and has only recently begun her journey towards adolescence as of 2022. Mulroney is the youngest child of Dermot Mulroney, an American actor, and Tharita Cesaroni, an Italian cinematographer, who is also his girlfriend. Because of their immense fame in Hollywood, her parents have concealed the identity of their little daughter. The middle schooler who will attend high school next year is Dermot Mulroney’s daughter.

Who are Sally Mulroney’s siblings?

Mulroney, 13, has two elder brothers and sisters. She is the younger sister of Mabel Ray Mulroney. Just one year separates Sally from her older sister. Mabel is Dermot’s second kid; however, she is Tharita’s first.

Dermot Mulroney, the Family Stone actor, does have a second child with a different lady. Sally’s eldest half-brother is Clyde Keener Mulroney. He was born on June 21, 1999, to the father of Sally and Catherine Keener, the father’s ex-wife.

Family lineage of Sally Mulroney and her ethnicity

Sally is of half-German and half-Irish ancestry on her father’s side. Ellen and Michael Mulroney’s grandparents reared her father in Alexandria, Virginia. Dermot’s mother was an actress, while his father was a law professor.

Her mother, though, is Italian. Emy Cesaroni and Franco Catulle—maternal Sally’s grandparents—had Tharita in Milan, Italy. Emy was a talented musician in her era.

As a result, Sally possesses all the positive traits her mixed heritage and genealogy offer.

Facts about Mulroney’s Parents

She is still very young, and we know little about her interests or favorite activities. Hence, predicting whether she would follow in her parent’s footsteps is impossible. Yet given her ancestry, we can categorically state that it’s a possibility.

But, when discussing their professional backgrounds, both her parents are industry leaders. Dermot Mulroney, her father, started his acting career in 1986 and has since significantly impacted the American acting scene. Her mother is also an accomplished Italian film producer and cinematographer.

Sally Mulroney Relationship Status

Right now, the famous child is too young to be dating. Her parents are also incredibly protective of her. We wish her luck in finding the perfect spouse when the time comes.

What is Sally Mulroney’s Networth?

Sally Mulroney and her family are currently living the high life in their stunning Los Angeles house. Dermot, her father, is a well-known musician and actor in Hollywood with a net worth of $11 million.

It is similar to how Tharita Cisaroni undoubtedly makes millions because of her mother’s excellent production work. The four-person family enjoys a beautiful life full of love, prosperity, and pleasure.

Sally Mulroney Social Media

Sally’s parents are highly protective of her since she is always in the media because she is one of the young star kids from one of the successful parents who are the sensations of today’s business. Her parents’ decision to keep information about her schooling off social media is quite understandable.

Sally Mulroney Achievements

Sally has yet to earn any of these prizes since she’s too young to be employed or earn any money, but as soon as she reaches adulthood, her achievement will propel her to countless wins in the days to come.


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