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Paul Enenche is a popular gospel musician, pastor and educationist whose full name is Paul Idoko Enenche. He was born on June 4th, 1968 and he’s over 54 years old. He married Dr. Becky Enenche and they are blessed with three daughters named Deborah, Daniella and Destiny and one son named Daniel.

Profile Summary

Birth Name

Paul Idoko Enenche


Dr. Becky Enenche

Date of Birth

June 4th, 1968



Record label

Intimacy Music




Songwriter, musician, writer, pastor, educationist



Net Worth

$1million – $4million



Year Active

1996 till date

Paul Enenche Biography

Dr. Paul Idoko Enenche, born on June 4th, 1968, in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria, is a renowned Nigerian Christian pastor, author, preacher, televangelist, musician, and educationist.

He is a member of the Idoma tribe and comes from a family of notable figures, including his father, Chief D.E. Eneche, the paramount ruler of Orokam District in Ogbadibo Local Government Area, and his older brother, General John Enenche, Nigeria’s Defense Spokesman. Dr. Enenche is not only a spiritual leader but also an accomplished educator, having obtained a doctorate in Christian ministry.

Dr. Enenche is currently 54 years old. He is a trained medical doctor, having received his education at the University of Jos, Nigeria. Prior to his call to ministry, Dr. Enenche was a practicing physician.

Dr. Enenche is the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), a ministry that has hundreds of thousands of worshippers across the world. The DIGC network of churches is located in over twenty states in Nigeria and also in a number of other countries, including the United Kingdom and Liberia.

He is married to Dr. Becky Enenche, who is also a medical doctor, and they are blessed with four children. She is the proprietress of Dunamis International Schools. 

Paul Enenche’s Career

Dr. Paul Enenche’s ministry and ministry interventions are characterized by a profound release of the word of God, miracles, signs, and wonders, and a tangible presence of God.

The Nigerian Voice refers to him as an apostle on assignment to help people discover, rediscover, and recover their destinies.

In 1996, Dr. Enenche had a clear vision of what he was to do with his life after a three-day fast in a mountainous area on the outskirts of Jos. He founded Dunamis International Gospel Centre on November 10, 1996, and it has grown into a household name with several branches in Nigeria and other countries.

The church has a seating capacity of 30,000 members and holds five full services every Sunday and two overflow services every Wednesday evening.

Dr. Enenche is also the publisher of the monthly daily devotional called “The Seeds of Destiny” and the host of the popular television and radio series titled “Destiny Encounter.” He has also written many inspirational books.

The ministry of Dr. Paul Enenche is focused on “connecting humanity with the person, presence, passion, purpose, potential, principles, and power of the Almighty and releasing them to subdue and dominate the earth now—and possess heaven at the end.”

As an endowed person with the double-edged gift of scientific knowledge as a medical doctor and the anointing of God to heal, Dr. Enenche’s meetings are characterized by the deliverance of multitudes from every manner of sickness and oppression.

He also stands firmly against adulterated Christian practices. Mentors and spiritual fathers whose ministries have impacted Dr. Paul Enenche include Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Smith Wigglesworth, John Wesley, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and Archbishop Benson Idahosa. He is a close friend and spiritual son of Bishop David Oyedepo. 

Paul Enenche Songs

He released an album titled “Heart’s Desire” under Intimacy Music. Some of his songs are :

  1. Keep holding on
  2. Father in Heaven
  3. I’m Blessed
  4. Nara Ekele
  5. He Arose
  6. You can make me what you want
  7. My life builder
  8. My life is hid in christ
  9. My life belongs to you
  10. Your throne is established
  11. I love you Lord
  12. Lord I’m in need of your hands
  13. My eyes are upon you
  14. I’m Alive oh Lord

Paul Enenche Books

  • 21 laws of life
  • Wisdom of planning and time use
  • 15 Kingdom strategies for survival
  • The story of the glory
  • 10 Principal secrets of principal people

Where does Paul Enenche live?

He is currently based in Nigeria while making more lovely Christian books and music. 

Paul Enenche social media handles

Paul Enenche is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and has gathered a lot of followers on his social media account; you can follow him on Instagram at @drpastorpaulenenche and on Twitter at @drpaulenche.

Paul Enenche family

Paul Enenche Marriage & Family

He is happily married to Dr. Becky Enenche, and they have four children together: three daughters named Deborah, Daniella, and Destiny, and one son named Daniel.

Dr. Becky Enenche is not only a medical doctor but also a pastor, televangelist, musician, and educator. Born on October 23rd, 1970, she is two years younger than her husband. Prior to her marriage, her name was Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu, but she now goes by the name Becky Enenche. Dr. Becky Enenche is the creator of Seeds of Destiny, a daily devotional guide that is published monthly.

This guide serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for many individuals seeking to strengthen their spiritual lives. With her background in medicine, education, and spirituality, Dr. Becky Enenche brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to her role as a spiritual leader and mentor.

Paul Enenche Net worth

Paul Enenche is popularly known mostly as a pastor and musician, and he is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $4 million.

Paul Enenche FAQ

What is the age of Paul Enenche?

He is 54 years old. 

What is the net worth of Paul Enenche?

His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $4 million.

Who is Paul Enenche wife?

Dr. Paul Enenche wife’s name is Dr. Becky Enenche.


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