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Laila Lockhart is a popular figure who has graced American TV series for a long time. American television viewers are very familiar with Laila Lockhart Kraner. Many of Laila Lockhart Kraner’s Gabby’s Dollhouse admirers have pondered about her age. But this is not far-fetched as the information from social media shows that actress Laila Lockhart Kraner was born on February 17, 1999, in Boca Raton, Florida. She acts like Gabby in the Netflix series. As of the date this article was published, Laila is 24 years old and a U.S. citizen.

Before we proceed, let’s summarise Laila Lockhart Kraner’s background, covering her history, parents, net worth and more. Here we go!

Summary of Laila Lockhart Kraner’s Biography:

Birth Name

Laila Lockhart Kraner
Occupation: Actress

Date of Birth

February 17, 1999


24 years old

Place of birth

Boca Raton, Florida, United States


Marital Status:


Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Net Worth

$1 – $5 million USD



Year Active

 till date

Who is Laila Lockhart Kraner?

Laila Lockhart Kraner was born on February 17, 1999, in Boca Raton, Florida. She’s a native American, although she was not born in the States.

The verified biography of Laila Lockhart states that the actress has always been interested in performing and often puts on shows for her family.

As a child, Laila Lockhart Kraner would sing and dance for her family whenever they were all together.

She grew up in the area around the Boca Raton Museum of Art, which is home to a sculpture park and shows modern and contemporary American and European collections.

After moving to Los Angeles from Boca Raton with her family, she finally enrolled in an acting school to fulfill her lifelong dream. She had a rough road to stardom.

She is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about names in American cinema. Laila Lockhart Kraner’s meteoric rise to fame may be traced directly to her parts in Gabby’s Dollhouse.

Gabby is the star of a Netflix preschool animation called Gabby’s Dollhouse, in which she dresses up as an animated version of herself and plays house with her stuffed cats.

Which country is Laila Lockhart from?

She was born in Boca Raton, Florida. Laila Lockhart Kraner was a popular face on American stages for many years. When Kraner was six years old, her family uprooted and moved to Los Angeles.

She has a rich cultural background and a fascinating family history to uncover. Without a doubt, she was born in the United States state of Florida, but she moved to Los Angeles when she was only six years old

It is thought that she is of American ancestry, but no one knows for sure.

According to the blogs of other celebrities, she doesn’t talk much about her family or upbringing. Though Laila has never revealed their identities, she has two brothers and two sisters.

We know that she was born in Boca Raton, Florida, and then relocated to Los Angeles when she was six years old. Her parents can trace their roots back to the United States, with most of their lives spent in Boca Raton and Los Angeles.

What is Laila Lockhart Kramer’s age?

With a birth date of February 17, 1999, Laila Lockhart Kraner is now 24 years old. It seems like she’s still a young lady. In 2003, she first appeared as a voice actress on the Cartoon Network shows Jacob Two-Two.

What is Laila Lockhart Kramer’s estimated fortune in the year 2023?

Laila Lockhart has a net worth of $1–5 million USD, the vast majority of which she has amassed from her acting career. She lives in an industrial complex and gets by thanks to various sponsorship deals.

As of the date this article was published, the median monthly payment for an actress in the United States was $8,091. Laila Lockhart Kraner’s salary is somewhere in the region of $6,000 to $10,000.

This is not her actual income but rather an estimate based on the data shown on many personal finance websites and blogs.

Does Laila Lockhart have longer hair?

Many people have questioned whether or not her wavy hair is real, although it was really a costume for the film.
She has never been coy about the techniques she employs to care for her long hair. She often wears her hair half up, half down, and curled with a 1.5-inch Hot Tools curler, as seen in her TikTok “lazy hair” lesson

What are Laila Lockhart’s height, weight, and date of birth?

To put Laila Lockhart’s age in perspective, she entered the world on February 17, 1999, making her 24 years old today. When she was six, she and her family relocated to Los Angeles. However, she had her beginnings in Boca Raton, Florida. Her dark eyes and jet-black hair are a beautiful contrast to her petite figure (38 kg).

Which popular Shows and movies have Laila Lockhart featured in?

About six of the movies she has featured in have done well at the box office, and many critics have given her high marks for her work. All of Laila Lockhart Kraner’s film appearances are listed here.

Jacob Two-Two (2006)

Shots Fired (2017)

Blackish (2018)

NOS4A2 (2019)

The Secret of Sinchanee (2021)

Gabby’s Dollhouse


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