Krystle Amina Biography, Career, Relationship, Net Worth & Age

Who is Krystle Amina?

Krystle Amina is a famous artist, interior designer, and illustrator in the United States of America. When Amina married Wil Willis, a famous actor and TV personality, the news spread like wildfire.

Amina’s genealogy includes both Arab and white bloodlines, yet she was born in the United States. Information on Amina’s life may be found on sites like Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database.

Krystle Amina Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Krystle Amina Almudarris
Profession: Interior Decorator, Illustrator, Artist

Date of Birth



Age (As of 2023); 38 years old

Place of birth

United States of America


Children: Flash Orion Willis
Husband: Wil Willis

Net Worth




Year Active

  till date

Krystle’s Early Life 

In the year 1985, on a bright day in California, USA, Amina Krystle was born. Salah Al Mudarris is Amina’s father, and Dawn Almudarris is her mother. Krystle’s full name is Amina Almudarris. Amina is also not an only child; she has four brothers and a sister. They include Tiffany Tyler, Brandon Tyler, Adel Almudarris, and Khalid Almudarris. Amina was groomed in a Christian home and had a close relationship with her children.

Krystle’s lineage includes both Europeans and Arabs, yet she was born in the United States. Amina has always had a deep love for the arts. Eventually, she made the decision to enter the field as well.

Krystle Amina’s Professional Journey

Amina, an American artist, decorator, and illustrator, has done rather well for herself in the business world. She avoids the limelight and has a reputation for being elusive. Because of her status as Wil Willis’s wife, Amina was the subject of intense media scrutiny, which she tried to avoid at all costs. Amina values the time she spends expressing her imagination. Expertise abounds throughout Amina’s writing. Since she is also an interior designer, she was responsible for creating the marijuana factory. Amina often updates her Instagram with pictures of her newest creations.

On the other hand, Krystle’s husband is a military personal trainer and TV presenter of Portuguese descent. From 1993 until 1998, her husband served in the military. Since initialization, Krystle’s husband, Wil, has served as a pararescueman in the Air Force from June 1998 until March 2007. Wil, Krystle’s husband, is a veteran, and Krystle’s family has a long history of military duty. Wil’s forefathers used triggers, game-changing new sorts of weapons, in clandestine military operations that left an indelible mark on the globe. His roles in popular programs like Special Ops Mission and Forged in Fire have brought him widespread acclaim, which she has enjoyed seeing him enjoy as well.

Krystle Amina’s Relationship update

It’s well known that she’s Wil Willis’ ex-wife. On March 23rd, 2017, the couple’s engagement was made public. After a long relationship, they established an Instagram account to announce her engagement to friends and family. Krystal’s first Instagram post in January 2017 sparked much speculation. After a long engagement, the couple finally got married on October 10th, 2017.

They exchanged their vows at 1909 North Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. The pictures from the weddings of both sets of relatives are stunning. They’ve been married for some time and have a kid, Flash Orion Willis. He was born on March 6th, 2020. This would be Wil’s third kid; he is also said to be the father of two sons named Caleb and Jacob from a previous relationship.

Wil Willis’ wife, Krystle Amina, has been the focus of several media appearances and a documentary called Marriage Life, K-Style. They announced their engagement on March 23rd, 2017. Wil proposed to Amina in New York with a skull face ring after they had been dating for some time. Amina also shared an Instagram snap of her engagement ring from Wil Willis. In 2017, Krystle married her longtime boyfriend, actor Wil Willis.

Amina exchanged her “I do”s at 1909 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. in California. Krystle looked radiant in her wedding attire. Those closest to Wil and Krystle, as well as many of their friends and relatives, were all there to celebrate their nuptials. She and Willis share parenting duties for their son, Flash Orion Willis. Amnio’s baby was born on March 6th, 2020. There has been no news of a split between Will and Krystle, whether it be a divorce, a legal separation, or an extramarital affair. It’s apparent that Krystle loves her little family immensely.

Krystle’s age, height, and weight

In the year 1985, on a bright day in California, USA, Amina Krystle was born. Krystle’s current age is estimated to be about 37 years. Due to the lack of information, Krystle’s true birthday cannot be unraveled. Unfortunately, not even Amnia’s zodiac sign is known.

Amina is a healthy 56 kg and a modest 5 feet, 4 inches in height. Krystle has colored her black hair shiny, and her dark brown eyes are mesmerizing.

What is Krystle Amina’s net worth?

Krystle has amassed considerable wealth from her jobs in illustration, interior design, and painting. Amina and her family have become very wealthy. Amina is now worth about $200,000, according to various estimations.

Krystle on Social Media

Amina Krystle’s presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., has diminished over time. However, she is an Instagram user. Amina has 5609 followers on Instagram, yet she only follows 181 people. She has put up around 703 posts thus far. She has 5,607 dollars, while her husband has almost 112,000.

Other interesting facts about Amina Krystle

Her body is quite attractive. She is able to keep both the household and the office functioning well. She has an impressive figure and stands at around 5 feet and 4 inches. Plus, she has gorgeous hazel eyes and jet-black hair. Her weight, height, and other body measurements are unknown.

In 1985, on a bright day in California, USA, Krystle was born into the world.

Currently, Amina is around 37 years old.

Amina is a respectable five feet and four inches tall.

As of October 10th, Krystle is married to Wil Willis, her longtime partner.

The couple had a son, whom they named Flash Orion Willis.


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