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Ropyr Madison is known by his stage name, Koe Wetzel. Koe Wetzel, one of the most well-known musicians in the United States, also writes songs. He entered this world on July 14, 1992, in Pittsburg, Texas, making him 31 in 2023. Koe is one of the most promising young artists in country music, as stated by the press for his 2019 album Harold Saul High, which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. He also derives considerable satisfaction from engaging in other creative endeavors, such as guitar playing. Koe represents the current generation of country music performers.

In 2023, experts estimate that Koe Wetzel will have a net worth of $2 million. Wetzel began his professional music career in 2012 when he put together the band Koe & the Konvics. In June 2012, they released a 7-song EP titled “Love and Lies.” Their tunes were catchy and simple, which helped them attract listeners.

Wetzel has performed all over the globe, and his albums are always well-received. After selling his wares online in 2015, he has amassed over 100 million streams and views.

Koe Wetzel Profile Summary

Birth Name

Ropyr Madison KoeWetzel
University: Tarleton State University

Date of Birth

July 14, 1992


31 years old

Place of birth

Pittsburg, Texas, United States


Siblings: Presleigh Kara and Zoie Kate (sisters)
Profession: American Singer and Songwriter

Net Worth

$2 Million- $5 Million
Popular For: His popular full-length Album, Out on Parole

Year Active

  till date

Who is Koe Wetzel dating ?

According to Koe Wetzel’s wife, he was a hopeless romantic guy who was completely committed to her. He had just split up with his stunning ex-girlfriend, Bailey Fisher, with whom he had been involved for a while. Fisher says he began dating the musician Koe in 2013, but he doesn’t reveal when or how they met. A failure to communicate led to their breakup. So, as of 2023, he is officially unmarried.

Koe Wetzel’s early life

Koe Wetzel was born on July 14, 1992, and he grew up in the little Texas town of Pittsburg. Cancer is his zodiac sign. He started performing alongside his mother, a country singer when he was just six years old. His dad worked in the construction industry.

Wetzel had the chance to play football, one of his most beloved sports, when he was a student at Tarleton State University (TSU). Unfortunately, he decided to leave the team to focus on his own career as a country artist.

After signing with the big label Columbia Records in 2020 and releasing his third album, “Sellout,” his career took off. He planned a 33-date tour in the United States for 2022 to promote his album. The dates for the tour were between March and June.

The Koe Wetzel Scandal

Well, Koe’s words really shocked some people in the audience, so he made fun of the situation by bragging that his presentation at The Great Texas Balloon Race had the biggest crowd in the event’s history and by swearing a lot during his live show.

Koe Wetzel’s Height

In terms of physical attributes, Koe Wetzel is highly endowed. He is 5’10”. 

Koe Wetzel Top 5 Songs

Something to Talk About


Kuntry & Wistern


Fuss & Fight

Koe Wetzel Social Accounts

A schedule of Koe Wetzel’s upcoming 2023 performances

Koe Wetzel has said in the past that he plans to show up to this year’s tournament in Fort Worth at the Dickies Arena. Dylan Wheeler, The Rooftops, and Pecos, all established musicians, will be sharing the stage with him. His forthcoming concert schedule may be seen here: https://www.ticketmaster.com/koe-wetzel-tickets/artist/2453935.

What is Koe Wetzel’s net worth in 2023?

Due to his successful career, Koe is able to earn a comfortable living. It is estimated that

he has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million. Koe and his family are enjoying life to the fullest.

Why Did Koe Wetzel Get Banned From Spotify?

Spotify contacted Wetzel through email many times, inquiring about the possibility of licensing his music. He did not respond to the emails. Therefore his music was disabled. His song and the rest of his catalog are accessible again because of his devoted fan base.

Which of Koe Wetzel’s music has a role in his meteoric rise to fame?

Singles from his album Noise Complaint did well enough, but it was the success of “Something to Talk About” that really propelled Koe to stardom outside of Texas.

Tours of Koe Wetzel

Koe is perhaps one of the best-known American artists. His mother was also a well-known country singer in her own right. Moreover, his live shows have taken him to a variety of international locations. His fans would likely flock to any live performance they could catch.

Tickets for Koe Wetzel’s concert

Koe amassed a huge fan base as a consequence of his successes. Several people have warm feelings for him. The same is true of his musical tours, which have taken him to every corner of the globe. Online sales of his performance tickets have already begun.

Koe Wetzel on Instagram

Koe has gained numerous fans because of his music. He has many backers in the corporate sector and on social media. Among other things, he has amassed a massive social media following—537k people follow him on Instagram.

Koe Wetzel’s relationship

Koe Wetzel seems to have entered the singles scene. Koe has been linked to many women for over a year, but he hasn’t addressed the reports. He’d rather avoid attention and live an inconspicuous life. Howbeit, he is now dedicated to his career.

Other key info about Koe Wetzel

Sellout is the first studio album by up-and-coming American singer-songwriter Koe Wetzel, who plans a tour for the following year. Columbia, Philadelphia, Silver Spring, and many more cities around the United States will be on his itinerary for his 2022 tour.

By his birth name, Ropyr Madison, Koe Wetzel, an American musician and composer, is well regarded in his field.

If we talk about his money, we can say that it is anywhere between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000.

Koe shot to fame after releasing his first album, “Out on Parole,” in January 2015.

Online sales of his performance tickets have already begun.

Some of America’s best singers, like Koe Wetzel, have biographies on Wikipedia and IMDb. 


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