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Introducing Kaydnz Kodah Najm: A 13-year-old American celebrity kid known for being the son of famous rapper and singer, T-pain. Born on April 29, 2009, Kaydnz Kodah Najm is a Taurus with black eyes and hair. He comes from a mixed ethnicity background and has siblings named Lyriq Najm and Muziq Najm. Although details about his height, weight, and net worth are not available, Kaydnz Kodah Najm has gained attention as the son of a well-known celebrity in the music industry.

Profile Summary

Profile Information
Full Name Kaydnz Kodah Najm
Birth Place United States of America
Date of Birth April 29, 2009
Age 13 Years
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Parents’ Name Faheem Rashad Najm (T-pain) & Amber Najm
Siblings Lyriq Najm, Muziq Najm
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Gender Male
Profession Celebrity Kid
Famous For Son of T-pain
Social Media N/A
Net Worth N/A

Kaydnz Kodah Najm’s Biography

The son of T-Pain, Kaydnz Kodah Najm, is a young emerging artist to keep an eye on. Kaydnz, the second child and first son of American rapper and musician T-Pain and his wife, Amber Najm, was born on April 29, 2009. With a renowned father known for his distinctive auto-tuned style and songs like “Buy U a Drank” and “Bartender,” Kaydnz is no stranger to the spotlight. It’s hardly surprising that Kaydnz developed a passion for music at a young age, given that he is the son of a Grammy-winning musician and producer.

Kaydnz Kodah Najm Childhood

“Cadence” and “Coda” are the ancestors of Kaydnz Kodah. Despite growing up in the spotlight, T-Pain has always tried to keep his family life a secret. As a result, little is known now about Kaydnz’s height, weight, or other physical characteristics. In an interview with Hot 97, T-Pain claimed that he keeps his family out of the spotlight on purpose and wants to spend time with them away from the media.
Kaydnz, only 13 years old, has already demonstrated tremendous aptitude and promise. He might become a rising star in his own right and emulate his father if he had a loving family and a passion for music.
Kaydnz has grown up with access to excellent chances and resources as the son of a renowned musician. T-Pain, however, has underlined the value of perseverance and hard work when pursuing a career in the music business.

Kaydnz Kodah Education

In addition to his musical abilities, Kaydnz excels in the classroom. T-Pain said on Instagram that he couldn’t be prouder of his kid after learning that he had gotten an A in arithmetic class. He also mentioned Kaydnz’s studies of Arabic and Spanish, demonstrating his propensity for picking up new languages.

Kaydnz Kodah Siblings

Lyriq and Muziq, two sisters of Kaydnz who have both appeared in their father’s music videos, are also related to him. T-Pain revealed in an interview with Ebony that his kids like contributing to the creative process and frequently have suggestions for his music videos. Lyriq Najm, T-daughter Pain’s, is the oldest of the three children. Lyriq was born on March 14, 2004, while T-Pain’s first child, Muziq Najm, was born on January 24, 2007. On April 29, 2009, Kaydnz Kodah Najm, T-Pain’s last child, was born.

Is T-Pain keeping his children away from the limelight?

There aren’t any photos of the three kids together when you look for T-Pain kids online. The same rules apply to T-Pain’s social media accounts. Many people think T-Pain intentionally keeps his kids out of the spotlight and the media. It is admirable since it allows the children to follow their father’s musical profession or pursue a career in a field unrelated to music. T-Pain openly declares his affection for his children. It is seen by the repeated mentions of how becoming a father has influenced his professional life.

Kaydnz Mother

Kaydnz Kodah Najm’s mother is Amber Najm, whom she married in 2003. African American student Amber Najim at St. John’s College aspired to pursue a business career. Once she married musician T-Pain and started a family at home, that ideal quickly ended.

Kaydnz Kodah Najm Career

T-Pain frequently posts images and clips of his son performing on the piano and other instruments, wowing fans with his innate ability. In an interview with Revolt TV, T-Pain said that his son’s passion for music is purely self-driven and that he has never pressured him to pursue a career in the field. He said, “If he loves music that much, I will let him go for it.
T-Pain has frequently acknowledged that his father first fostered his passion for music. He has stated that his father always pushed him to play several instruments as a youngster, and he wishes to instill the same passion for music in his children.
Moreover, Kaydnz has appeared in several of his father’s music videos. He debuted in the Chris Brown and T-Pain song “Wake Up Dead” music video, where he played the younger T-Pain. Kaydnz participated in a beautiful dance party with his father, brothers, and other family members in a different music video for the song “Get Up.”
In addition to his musical abilities, Kaydnz is renowned for his sense of style. Kaydnz was shown sporting a full Gucci suit, black leather shoes, and a matching Gucci hat in a photo on T-Instagram Pain’s page. Several admirers commented on how cute and fashionable he seemed.

Networth & Social Media

An emerging star to watch out for is Kodah Najm. He already demonstrated extraordinary musical, fashion, and academic skills at an early age. Kaydnz has the potential to be the next great thing in the music industry because of his upbringing in a loving home. He still needs to get a social media profile, and his net worth still needs to be discovered.


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