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Israel DMW Biography, Networth, Career, and Controversy

Afeare Israel DMW is a Nigerian socialite and politician who gained fame as Davido’s Personal Logistics Manager. In this article, we will be discussing his biography, early life, education, career, achievements, social media presence, controversies, and net worth.

Profile Summary

Profile Details
Full Name Afeare Israel DMW
Date of Birth October 4, 1991
Place of Birth Edo State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Education Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy
Career Personal Logistics Manager and Assistant to Davido
Achievements Performed at Davido’s tour at the O2 Arena in London
Social Media Handles Instagram: @IsrealDMW
Controversies Comments about DJ Cuppy and Zlatan’s separation
Suspension from work by Davido following social media comment
Net Worth $40,000 USD as of March 2023

Israel DMW Biography

Afeare Israel DMW was born on October 4, 1991, in Edo State, South South Nigeria. His parents are both natives of Edo state, and he was raised with his siblings in Edo state. Israel is from Esan Land, a Christian by religion, and studied International Studies And Diplomacy at the Ambrose Alli University. Israel’s parents gave him the name Afeare Isreal, but he is more popularly known by his nickname, Isreal DMW.

Israel DMW Family

Isreal DMW was born to Mr. and Mrs. Afeare. His father and mother are both from Edo State.

Israel DMW Education

Isreal DMW had both his primary and secondary school education in Edo State before he proceeded to Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, for tertiary education. He graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and Diplomacy.

Israel DMW Career

After completing his education, Isreal DMW decided to move to Lagos in search of greener pastures. In Lagos, he landed a job with Nigerian artist, Davido. He was employed as his logistics manager and personal assistant. Over the years, Isreal DMW has shown tremendous dedication and loyalty to his career and boss, whom he now calls a brother.

Israel DMW Achievement

Isreal DMW has worked with a good number of other Nigerian artists, and he is currently based in Lagos State. He was involved in a horrific accident in Benin City just weeks after Davido gifted him a new Venza car. His new car collided with an oncoming vehicle, resulting in catastrophic injuries and damage. He was able to recover from the accident and continue with his duties.

In March 2022, Isreal DMW performed the grand opening for Davido’s tour at the O2 Arena in London. Dressed in his Edo native attire, he addressed the crowd in his native language, stirring up the audience with enthusiasm. Following the performance, fans around the world expressed their excitement on social media.

Israel DMW Social Media Handles

Isreal DMW has a large following on Instagram and Facebook. You can connect with him on @IsrealDMW.

Israel DMW Controversy

In early 2021, Isreal DMW sparked controversy when he made comments about DJ Cuppy and Zlatan’s separation. He claimed that the feud between the two stemmed from DJ Cuppy’s failure to compensate Zlatan for his contributions to both the “Gelato” song and her fundraising efforts. Despite this, DJ Cuppy refuted Isreal DMW’s claim and vowed to sue him for defamation.

Later that year, in August 2021, Davido suspended Isreal DMW from work following a comment he made on social media about the deputy commissioner of police’s fraud allegation. Following the arrest of Abba Kyari, the deputy commissioner of police, Isreal DMW took to social media to protest the FBI. This prompted the suspension of Isreal DMW as Davido’s assistant. Davido also threatened to relieve him of his duties for good. However, Isreal DMW pleaded and solicited constantly and asked people to help him plead with his boss. Three months later, Davido reinstated him as his logistic manager and promoter.

Israel DMW Net Worth

Although Israel DMW’s net worth is not publicly known, he is estimated to have a net worth of $40,000 USD as of March 2023. This is based on his earnings from his work as Davido’s logistics manager and personal assistant, as well as his social media influence.


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