How tall is Tenz? Answered

How tall is Tenz?

Tenz Height: Her followers have recently asked, “What is Tenz’s Height?” Thus, this post has updated Tenz’s Height in Feet, Inches, and Centimeters.

Tyson Ngo, commonly known as Tenz, is a tall valorous player who tours at the height of 5 “11 and is born on May 5, 2001, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Tyson Ngo is a Canadian resident aged 21 years old. TenZ is his call sign. Around the age of twelve, Tyson started playing video games.

He began playing Valorant Game after becoming a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, which has just 24 players in his nation. Tenz is a well-known YouTube and Twitch content creator. In addition to CS: GO, he is also a player for PUBG and Fortnite.

Profile Summary

Profile Information
Full Name Tyson Ngo
Birth Place Vancouver, Canada
Date of Birth May 5, 2001
Age 21 Years
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 55kg
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Parents Name Valerie Turcotte
Siblings N/A
College N/A
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Vietnamese and French
Gender Male
Married Status Engaged
Girlfriend’s Name Kyedae Shymko
Children N/A
Profession Gamer
Famous For Esports
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Twitch
Net Worth $1.25 Million

Tenz Birth and Body Statistics

He is around 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 55 kilograms. Dark hair and Green eyes describe Tyson Ngo. In 2023, he will be 22 years old. Tyson Ngo was reared in Vancouver, Canada, where he was born on May 5, 2001.

Is Tenz Tall?

Yes, he’s. Tenz Height information may be found in this section. Tenz’s height is 152 cm in centimeters, 1.52 m in meters, and 5’8″ in feet, as was previously stated.

Tenz Height in Feet

The Canadian player for Tenz is 152 cm (5’8″) tall. She will be 21 years old in 2022, and he will weigh 62 kg.


TenZ wants to keep his personal affairs secret; hence, little information about him is available. Valerie Turcotte, TenZ’s single mother, reared him. Of his siblings, nothing is known. TenZ and Kyedae Shymko, his longtime partner, are presently engaged.

Gaming Origins

TenZ’s introduction to internet gaming began with CS: GO, which he played for the first time in middle school. TenZ is the type of player that enjoys pushing himself, as was evident even when he was very young.

After being proficient enough in the game, he transitioned to the MD and eventually the ESEA. In the game, he established a goal to get the coveted S-rank, which he finally did.

Professional Career

TenZ initially tried streaming in November 2015. He only truly committed to it at the end of 2017. He acquired a Twitch partnership the following year. TenZ began participating in nearby LAN and internet competitions, steadily honing his abilities. TenZ’s involvement with MDM at the beginning of 2019 got things going.

He did well enough on occasion to catch Cloud9’s eye. Shortly after finishing high school, he joined their CS: GO squad in July 2019.

TenZ was only on the preliminary squad until October 2019. He was hired as their first pro-Valorant player in April of the following year. He joined Sentinels in March 2021 after quitting the company in January 2021.

What is TenZ’s Net Worth?

TenZ started regular broadcasting in 2017 but has been a professional broadcaster since 2015. He has participated in 38 professional events, winning 12 and placing second in another four. TenZ’s estimated net worth is over $1.25 million because of his contract, sponsorship, and victories from those events. He is now among the best eSports gamers, especially for people his age.

How Much Does TenZ Earn?

TenZ and Sentinels have an agreement, the specifics of which remain secret. He could, nevertheless, be one of the organization’s highest earners, according to rumors (as an esports player). He also has a performance bonus and wins that should be considered in addition to this.

TenZ has a successful streaming career as well. TenZ’s Twitch channel currently has 4,300 paid subscribers. Moreover, he receives over 20,000 viewers for his streams, which could bring in roughly $15,000 per month. Also, one should consider the contributions, advice, and advertisements made by Twitch cheerers. Several companies sponsor TenZ as well.

Some Facts about Tyson Ngo

  • Tyson gained notoriety for his live gaming streaming on Twitch.
  • He cherishes animals.
  • Duke Dennis is another well-known content creator that produces video game-related material.
  • Tyson Ngo frequently shares photos on social media with his girlfriend.
  • Tenz has 1.57 YouTube subscribers and 907K Instagram followers.


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