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Grace Lokwa’s Biography, Career, Achievements, Net worth, and Songs

Minister Grace Lokwa is a talented Congolese gospel singer and worshipper who has captured the hearts of many with his uplifting music. Born on November 13th, in the early 90s, Grace Lokwa has risen to fame after composing the hit single “Kumama Papa eh” which translates to “Yahweh be Praised” in English. His music has impacted the lives of many, and he has gained a significant following both in his home country and internationally. In this article, we will take a closer look at Minister Grace Lokwa’s biography, career, achievements, social media presence, net worth, songs, albums and EP, and frequently asked questions.

Profile Summary

Full Name Minister Grace Lokwa
Date of Birth November 13, early 90s
Place of Birth Congo
Education Advanced Studies graduate from I’instituts National Des Arts (INA)
Family N/A
Career Gospel Singer and Worshipper
Famous For Hit single “Kumama Papa eh”
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Albums and EP Kumama (July 2022)
Songs Kumama
Net Worth N/A


Minister Grace Lokwa is a Congolese gospel singer and worshiper, born on November 13 in the early 90s. Not much is known about his childhood, but he is an advanced studies graduate from the I’instituts National Des Arts (INA).

Minister Grace Lokwa rose to prominence after composing the hit single “Kumama Papa eh,” which translates to “Yahweh be Praised” in English. This song gained immense popularity after gospel minister and artiste, Prinx Emmanuel, posted a video titled “kumama papa remix” on February 8th, 2022. Since then, many celebrities including Minister Moses Bliss shared the video of Prinx Emmanuel, and in no time, celebrities in Nigeria and abroad started using the song in a throwback challenge called the “Kumama challenge.” This made the song go viral, especially on Tiktok and Instagram.


Minister Grace Lokwa has released other songs aside from “Kumama Papa eh,” and is a blessed gospel artist who is used by God to bless lives with his music ministry. His debut album titled “Kumama” was released on the 3rd of July, 2022. He is also known to be actively involved in ministering in churches, and has toured in Nigeria, visiting several churches including the Streams of Joy International, Abuja, led by the renowned Pastor Jerry Eze.


Minister Grace Lokwa is active on social media and can be connected with via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a fast-rising gospel artist, he has gained immense popularity through social media platforms, especially Tiktok and Instagram, where his song “Kumama Papa eh” became a sensation.


While the exact net worth of Minister Grace Lokwa is not publicly known, it is safe to say that he has earned a considerable amount from his successful music career. As a popular gospel artist in Congo and beyond, he has undoubtedly generated income from album sales, music streaming, concerts, and other music-related ventures. Additionally, he has a growing social media following, which provides him with opportunities for endorsement deals and sponsored posts. However, without access to his financial records, it is difficult to determine his exact net worth.


Minister Grace Lokwa has released several songs aside from his popular hit single “Kumama Papa eh.” Some of his other songs include:

  • Yahweh ft.Prinx Emmanuel.
  • Kisi Ya Soni
  • Papa God ft. Prinx Emmanuel
  • My God ft. Moses Bliss
  • Only You ft. Moses Bliss
  • Mokonza Milimo
  • Pesanga Loboko


  1. Kumama


  • Who is Minister Grace Lokwa?

Minister Grace Lokwa is a Congolese gospel singer and worshiper, known for his hit single “Kumama Papa eh.”

  • When was Minister Grace Lokwa born?

Minister Grace Lokwa was born on November 13 in the early 90s.

  • What is the meaning of “Kumama Papa eh?”

“Kumama Papa eh” means “Yahweh be Praised” in English.

  • What is the title of Minister Grace Lokwa’s debut album?

Minister Grace Lokwa’s debut album is titled “Kumama.”

  • Which churches has Grace Lokwa ministered in?

Minister Grace Lokwa has ministered in several churches, including the Streams of Joy International, Abuja, led by Pastor Jerry Eze.


In conclusion, Minister Grace Lokwa is a talented Congolese gospel singer and worshiper whose music ministry has touched the hearts of many. With his hit single “Kumama Papa eh” and other releases, he continues to inspire and bless lives through his music. His popularity on social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram is proof of his growing influence and impact in the gospel music industry.


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