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Gersson Archila is a very private person who avoids talking about himself or his background. Because of this, Archila’s actual birthday is a mystery. Because of the absence of a birth date, Gerson’s age birth sign is likewise unknowable. It is also unknown what country and ethnic group Gerson hails from.

On the other side, Deborah Morehart, Archila’s ex-wife, gave birth to Tylo on July 3, 1962. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, and She was born in Texas, in the United States.

She was born to Morris Jabez Hunter (her father) and Jo Anne Hunter (her mother) (mother). Jay Hunter, Cliff Hunter, and Elizabeth Hunter’s younger brother are Tylo Hunter. Hunter is a citizen of the United States and comes from a mixed (Scottish-Irish-English) racial heritage.

The most well-known association of Archila is that of Hunter Tylo or Deborah Jo Hunter. His ex-wife, Tylo, is an American author, actor, and former model best known for his part in the movie Hunter.

Gersson has also been secretive regarding the identities of his parents, siblings, and other relatives. It is also unknown if Gersson has any siblings or is the only child of his parents. In his private life, Archila has tried to keep as much of it personal as he can

Gersson Archila Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Gersson Archila
Gender: Male

Date of Birth



Age (As of 2023); 38 years old

Place of birth

Undisclosed location in the USA


Religion: Christianity
Marital Status


Sexual Orientation: Straight


Hunter Tylo (2009-2018)

Year Active

  till date

Gersson Archila Career:

Currently, nothing is known about Archila’s professional life. He only gained notoriety as Hunter Tylo’s ex-husband, a well-known actress. There is no biography of Archila to be found on IMDB, Wikipedia, or other comparable websites. Similarly, you may read about his ex-Tylo wife’s life on several websites, including Wikipedia and Biographies.

Gersson Archila’s Net worth:

No information on a person’s career history is available. As a result, it is hard to determine Tylo’s ex-earnings husband’s net worth.

Yet because of her lucrative acting profession, his ex-wife Tylo has built herself a considerable fan base and achieved financial success. As of February 2023, Hunter, Gerson’s ex-wife, is estimated to be valued at around $13 million.

Gersson Archila Husband, Marriage:

Hunter Tylo and Gersson Archila just got hitched after a protracted courtship. Tylo decided to further their relationship after getting to know one another better and realizing that Archila could live with him forever. On November 29, 2009, Archila wed Tylo in an opulent Las Vegas, Nevada ceremony.

Sadly, Hunter and Archila’s relationship only lasted nine years before ending in 2018. Before marrying Gersson, Tylo was divorced from her first two marriages. She’s been married three times thus far in her life. Before divorcing Tom Morehart in 1984, Hunter wed him in 1980, giving birth to a boy they named Christopher. Afterward, Tylo and Michael Tylo married in 1987 (Michael Edward Tylo Jr.). However, Tylo’s marriage did not continue long, and in 2005, they got divorced.

Gersson Archila Physical Appearance:

Given his statistics and the fact that he has yet to disclose his age to the public, Gersson Archila is, by all accounts, quite mysterious.

Although appearing in images on many websites, Archila is reportedly in his late fifties. Gersson doesn’t support this information, though. Comparable information regarding his height, weight, and other details has yet to be available to the general public.

Gersson Archila Career:

We are still determining Gersson Archila’s professional background; thus, we cannot provide any up-to-date information. Nonetheless, some sources claim that he has played a significant role in his career in entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Gersson Archila’s Social Media:

Gersson Archila is a highly reclusive person who despises the spotlight. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are not seen to be used by Gerson.

In contrast, Archila’s ex-wife is a well-known actress who engages with her followers and loved ones on social media. She has only followed six individuals on Twitter, where she has amassed 26.8k followers under the handle @AbsoluteHunter. Hunter has posted 2592 tweets thus far. As of right now, Hunter doesn’t have an Instagram account.


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