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Gbile Akanni Biography, Career, Achievements, Family, and FAQs

Gbile Akanni is a Nigerian preacher, author, and renowned teacher of the World. He is popularly known for his simplicity and preference to introduce himself as “Brother Gbile Akanni from Gboko”. He is a mentor to both the young and old across the nation. He is among the breed of Christian leaders disciplined by Pa Elton, to take the message of God’s kingdom to the very ends of the earth through the Holy Spirit.


Gbile Akanni was born on June 22nd into an “Ifa” (idol worship) family, in Masifa, Ogbomosho, Oyo State. He graduated from the University of Ibadan and attended Baptist Student Fellowship.

His spiritual upbringing can be traced to his childhood friend (Rev. Dr. DurosinJesu Ayanrinola)’s grandmother who was always interceding for him to be a shining light out of his dark family.


A man with a high understanding of the Bible, Bro. Gbile as he is profoundly called heads a ministry, ‘Living Seed’ (a weekly fellowship gathering), centered in Gboko, Benue State Nigeria, where he resides.

The ministry is trans-denominational and reaches into every State of the nation. His Ministers’ Leadership Retreat which takes place in December every year is attended by 15,000 leaders from all walks of life, not just the Church.

In his companionship “Living Seed”, Gbile Akanni conducts Ministers’ Leadership Retreats on an annual basis. Every year thousands of people attend this place. It doesn’t matter what their origin, background, or story is. Any person that seeks God can find him in Gbile Akanni’s sermons. Mr. Akanni created not a church but a place where believers turn into righteous disciples with the help of God’s Word.

Bro Gbile Akanni is committed to turning believers into disciples. He has a great depth of the word of God. His authoritative teaching is deeply challenging and life-changing, and he has a deep desire to see believers turn their focus on Jesus Christ alone. His areas of strength are in teaching and evangelism.

He is in high demand and travels extensively around the world sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Because of his tight schedule, he is booked several months before the appointed date.


Gbile Akanni’s ministry has impacted the lives of millions of people across Nigeria and beyond. He is known for his in-depth knowledge of the Bible and his powerful preaching that has transformed the lives of many.

He has authored many books, including The Fruitful Life, The Essential Character, The Art of Hearing from God, The Light That Shines in the Darkness, and The Dynamics of Spiritual Life, among others. His books are widely read and have helped many to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.


Bro. Gbile Akanni is not very active on social media, as he prefers to focus on his ministry work. However, his teachings can be found on YouTube and other online platforms.


Bro Gbile is happily married to a medical doctor, Sade Akanni, and together they have four children and live in Peace House Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria, West Africa.


Bro Gbile Akanni’s net worth is not available.


  1. Is Gbile Akanni a pastor?

Gbile Akanni is not a pastor in the traditional sense, as he doesn’t run a church. He is an itinerant preacher who moves from one church to another on invitation.

  1. What is the name of Gbile Akanni’s ministry?

Gbile Akanni’s ministry is called Living Seed.

  1. How can I access Gbile Akanni’s teachings?

Gbile Akanni’s teachings and sermons are available on various online platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and his official website.

  1. Does Gbile Akanni have any books?

Yes, Gbile Akanni has authored several books on Christian living, including “The Quest for Distinction”, “Preparing for Marriage”, and “Maximizing Your Life”.


In conclusion, Bro. Gbile Akanni is a highly respected preacher, author, and teacher of God’s word. He has impacted the lives of countless individuals across Nigeria and beyond through his ministry, Living Seed. His humility and simplicity are qualities that have endeared him to many, and his teachings are deeply challenging and life-changing. Despite his achievements, he remains focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping individuals to achieve their God-given purpose.


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