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Can somebody tell me who Faye Chrisley is?

In the United States, Faye Chrisley’s fame as a reality TV star is generally known. Starring as Nanny on Chrisley Knows Best catapulted her to fame. Todd Chrisley, their son, went on to become an actress. Despite her advanced age, she is renowned for always putting her all into her performances. Like her stunning appearance, she oozes elegance and class. The engaging life story is enriched with the older citizen’s unique stories. Chrisley Knows Best is expected to return to television this year, and fans are overjoyed.

You may scroll up to learn more about the renowned Faye Chrisley. This article will examine all of the information on her that is currently available online

Faye Chrisley Profile Summary

Birth Name

Faye Chrisley


Faye Chrisley

Date of Birth

September 2 1943


79 years old

Place of birth

South Carolina, United States


Husband/Spouse Name: Gene Raymond Chrisley
Profession Television personality

Net Worth

$500 Thousand
Marital Status: Widowed

Year Active

 till date

Originally from the United States, Faye Chrisley is white. She entered this world on September 2, 1943, in the state of South Carolina, USA. She believes strongly in the Christian faith. Furthermore, there is a complete lack of details on Faye’s family on the internet. Those are the kinds of things Faye would rather not discuss publicly.

Faye Chrisley Education

She attended a local high school for her first two years of schooling. Reportedly, she has completed college.

Family members of Faye Chrisley

Millionaire businessman and property developer Todd Chrisley, his wife Julie, and their children are the epitome of a prosperous southern family. Faye Chrisley, his mother, has a significant role to play. However, underneath their ostentatious exterior is a genuine family dealing with serious problems and enormous stress. Like he does his company, Todd rules his personal life with an iron fist.

How much is Faye Chrisley worth?

With her wealth, she can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Faye Chrisley’s net Worth is estimated to be $500,000 at this time. Faye reportedly makes a lot of money by appearing on the USA Network’s reality program Chrisley Knows Best.

However, she had a full and interesting life before beginning her career in the show business. Even though she doesn’t want to accept it, she has raised her children well and made sure they get a good education.

Faye Chrisley’ Awards

We are unable to name a single award that Faye Chrisley has earned formally at this time. However, her son Todd managed to become a self-made millionaire. That’s a big deal for Faye because she’s his mother. She seems content with the adoration and praise she’s gotten after her moving performance.

Faye Chrisley’s spouse

Faye Chrisley has been widowed and is now a single lady. She married and divorced just once, to Gene Raymond Chrisley. You can’t find out when they started dating or when they tied the knot.

However, the pair had a lovely and joyful relationship. Both were completely devoted to one another and had deep feelings of trust, respect, and love for one another. Faye Chrisley’s husband, Gene Raymond Chrisley, participated in the Korean War. Gene was honoured for his valor on the battlefield with a Bronze Star.

On July 11, 2012, Faye’s husband, Gene Raymond Chrisley, passed away at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. He was 77 years old when he passed away. Upon hearing of his passing, Chrisley’s loved ones were shattered

Faye Chrisley Faye’s Sons

Faye and Gene’s sons are named Todd, Randy, and Derrick Chrisley. Tragically, the latter passed away when he was just four months old. It was in Westminster, South Carolina, that the couple brought up their three kids.

One of Faye’s two sons, Todd Chrisley, is a successful businessman and reality TV star. On the other hand, Randy Chrisley allegedly received a stage IV cancer diagnosis in 2014. 

Grandchildren of Faye Chrisley

Family patriarch Faye Chrisley presides over a sizable branch of the Chrisleys. She has two sons, so she is also the happy grandma of five grandchildren. Savannah, Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, and Grayson are five of her grandkids, who all appear on the American reality program alongside their parents.

Faye also enjoys the company of two great-grandchildren. Jackson Campbell, son of Lindsie Chrisley, is one of them. Chloe Chrisley, Kyle Chrisley’s daughter, is Faye’s other great-grandchild.

Faye’s family floods her with love and support wherever she goes online, including the show. Savannah Chrisley sent Instagram birthday greetings to her grandma.

On the other hand, Nanny Faye is loved by more than just her grandchildren. Additionally, Savannah’s boyfriend, Nic Kerdiles, has given her royal treatment. As Nanny Faye lounges by the pool, he can be seen in one of his Instagram images gently blowing on her with a fan.

Chrisley Faye’s Recovery

Faye Chrisley is not just clever and snarky; she also has a sensitive side. She has made efforts to move on and find a new loving relationship despite her grief for her late husband. The truth is, we should all be loved. Her efforts to move on are evident throughout the several seasons of Chrisley Knows Best.

In the first season, Nanny Faye sought to move on from her past by going on a coffe date with a guy. Unfortunately, the plan fell through. In addition, Nanny Faye recruited her grandson Chase Chrisley to help her join a dating app in Season 5. In addition, in Season 8, Faye Chrisley went on a speed dating spree in an effort to find out her relationship goals.

The fact that Faye has been repeatedly seen engaging in romantically suggestive behavior with Savannah Chrisley’s boyfriend, Nic Kerdiles, does not help her case. Nanny Faye may not have a steady man in her life, but it’s clear that she has a passion for sports.

Faye Chrisley’s battle with Cancer

Most viewers of Chrisley Knows Best are aware that Todd Chrisley’s wife, Julie, fought breast cancer for a long time. Yes, Julie made it through, but she had to see a doctor and have surgery to get back on her feet. Now that Todd knew his mother, Faye Chrisley, may have cancer, his anxiety was understandable.

Season 4 of Chrisley Knows Best is when Faye is diagnosed with cancer for the first time. When physicians felt a lump in her breast, they sent her to the hospital for examination. Julie informed her husband, Todd, by calling him. It was clear that everyone was worried, yet the doctors wasted no time in ordering tests.

It didn’t take long for the family to find out that the tests came back negative. It was determined that Nanny Faye did not suffer from breast cancer. Despite this, it was a trying time for the Chrisleys because of their experience with the disease. Even for the kind grandmother, it had to be difficult.

The Tragic Case of Faye Chrisley

Faye Chrisley, at age 79, remains in the excellent physical condition and has a busy schedule. However, many online scams and rumors have said that she has passed away. Rumors about Faye Chrisley’s death are unfounded; she is alive and well.

Housing in Music City

Nanny Faye’s address is 806 Lynnwood Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37203.

Todd and Julie had recently purchased a $3.4 million home in Nashville’s Brentwood

neighborhood. The home was recently refurbished and put up for sale at a price of $4.75 million.

A basketball court, a game room, a theater, and a swimming pool give this estate everything a family could desire.

Faye’s Outside-of-Work Activities

Nanny Faye loves to cook, and it’s one of her main hobbies. She delights in feeding her family and friends with her homemade baked goods and traditional Southern dishes. Faye watched her daughter-in-law Julie cook biscuits and gravy on an episode of Chrisley Knows Best.

As a result, she is eager to acquire new knowledge and abilities. She was also seen riding a motorcycle at one point in the series. An additional perk was that the star was seen taking swimming lessons during the seventh season. Since the Chrisleys’ kid couldn’t pick up swimming on her own, they shelled out cash for lessons.


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