Ernesto Tarricone

Ernesto Tarricone Biography, Career, Net worth, and Achievements

Ernesto Tarricone is a Ghanaian business magnate, investor, and civil engineer. He was born in Italy in 1948 and, with his father and siblings, relocated to Ghana in 1968 for business reasons. His family has since established itself as one of the most elite in Ghanaian culture. Despite being a civil engineer, he is primarily known for his role as the founder and owner of the Trasacco Group conglomerate, which has made him one of  Ghana’s richest man with a net worth of $1.3 billion. In this article, we will discuss Tarricone’s biography, career, achievements, net worth, and businesses.

Profile Summary

Profile Information
Name Ernesto Tarricone
Nationality Ghanaian and Italian
Profession Business magnate, investor, civil engineer
Birth Year 1948
Family Moved to Ghana in 1968 with father and siblings for business reasons
Career Founder and owner of Trasacco Group conglomerate
Trasacco Group Focus Agriculture, construction, mining, design, and real estate development
Trasacco Group Subsidiaries Trasacco Estate Development Company, Royal Aluminium Systems, TEDC Quarry, Empire Builders Ghana, Fabi Timbers Ltd
Notable Projects Villaggio Vista Condominium, Trasacco Valley
Gulfwing Aviation Ltd Company owned by Tarricone providing air transportation using helicopters and private planes
Net Worth $1.3 billion
Elite Status His family is regarded as one of the most elite in Ghanaian culture


Ernesto Tarricone was born in Italy in 1948, along with his two siblings. In 1968, when he was still a youngster, he relocated to Ghana with his father and siblings for business reasons. His family settled in Ghana and eventually began to establish their fingerprints on Ghanaian land through many commercial endeavors. Today, his family is regarded as one of the most elite in Ghanaian culture. Information regarding his parents is scarce.


Tarricone is a civil engineer and investor who owns the Trasacco Group, which employs around 5000 Ghanaians as well as expats from all over the world. The group focuses on agriculture, construction, mining, design, and real estate development.

Trasacco Estate Development Company, a subsidiary of the Trasacco Group, has invested more than $500 million in active projects in Ghana. This company is well-known in Ghanaian society for the various high-end projects it has completed, such as the Trasacco Valley, which is home to opulent homes. Tarricone is also a co-owner of Royal Aluminium Systems, which manufactures aluminum windows and doors.


Over the years, Ernesto Tarricone’s construction enterprises have made him millions of dollars, with his subsidiaries earning the most. The Villaggio Vista Condominium, created and owned by Ernesto Taricone’s Trasacco Estate Development Company, is currently a landmark in Accra as the highest skyscraper in Ghana.

The development cost $125 million and includes $2 million penthouse residences. Gulfwing Aviation Ltd, a company owned by Tarricone, provides air transportation using helicopters and private planes, and has historically been used by Ghanaian government officials as well as respected members of Ghanaian society.


Ernesto Tarricone’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.3 billion, making him one of Ghana’s richest man.


Ernesto Tarricone owns several businesses through the Trasacco Group. TEDC Quarry is a subsidiary that focuses on the production and distribution of precious rocks, and has the greatest capacity in the country, at 60,000 tons per month. Empire Builders Ghana, another subsidiary, has a 150,000-acre land bank.

Another TEDC subsidiary is Royal Aluminum Systems, which manufactures aluminum-themed items such as windows, doors, and curtain walls. The firm recently finished a segment dedicated to the production of glass. Fabi Timbers Ltd, based in Kumasi, specializes in producing timber for processing, woodworking, and sale to neighboring West African nations and abroad.


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