David Goggins Biography, Career, Parents, Weight, Height & Networth

Ultramarathoner, triathlete, motivational speaker, and author David Goggins was given that name at birth. David Goggins is the hash tag’s name. Since birth, he has had American citizenship. His hometown is Buffalo, New York, in the United States. More details can be found below:

Profile Summary

Birth Name

David Goggins



Date of Birth

17th February 1975



Place of birth

Buffalo, New York, USA




 Ultramarathon runner, triathlete, motivational speaker, and author.


1.98 m;  6 feet and 5 inches;  198 cm

Net Worth




Dating History

Not available

Marital status



86 kg; 189 pounds


Aleeza Goggins (m. 2005-2008)


Trunnis and Jackie Goggins

David Goggins Biography

David Goggins is a name you may have heard. Right now, he’s making his mark as an up-and-coming ultramarathon runner, triathlete, keynote speaker, and writer. Our in-depth profile of this ultramarathoner, triathlete, motivational speaker, and author covers his whole life.

We promise you won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of David Goggins and decide to check us out. Keep reading to learn more about David Goggins’s life and career, including his age, net worth, height, affairs, education, and more.

David Goggins Age and Childhood

You have to know how old David Goggins is, right? If not, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are curious about his birth date, location of birth, or anything else associated with his ancestry, you may check it out here. You may have heard that he was born on February 17, 1975. We are now 47 years old. He entered this world on a cold winter day in Buffalo, New York.

Born on February 17, 1975, David Goggins is one of the few guys in history who can claim to have served in the military, played professionally, and written a book. This athlete, author, and war veteran was born to Trunnis and Jackie Goggins in Buffalo, New York.

Despite his rough beginnings, Goggins has become an inspiration to people all across the globe. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and rose through the ranks to become a Navy Seal.

After serving his country, he decided to give back to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation by running marathons. He’s a Guinness World Record–holding ultramarathon runner. Let us use this opportunity to reflect on Goggins’ many accomplishments and pay tribute to him on the occasion of his birthday.

The Early Career of Actor David Goggins

Trunnis and Jackie Goggins had their son David on February 17, 1975. During most of his youth, Goggins struggled. Googins was tormented at school in addition to dealing with his violent father. He struggled academically throughout school since his learning problems went unrecognized and untreated for much of his school experience.

After finishing school, he planned to join the military, but he quit after just a week of basic training. In 1998, when Goggins was just 24 years old, he began applying to the training program after seeing an advertisement for the Marine Corps and deciding he wanted to achieve more with his life.

Despite his best efforts, he was informed he needed to shed more than 100 pounds before he would be considered. Goggins was able to finish the program and lose weight astonishingly well!

Goggins lost several of his closest friends in a helicopter crash in 2005, long after he had left the Marines. He planned to raise money for the Warrior Foundation by competing in the Badwater UltraMarathon, but he was advised that he would need to finish another ultramarathon first.

After competing in several marathons and ultramarathons, Goggins was given the opportunity to compete in the grueling Badwater competition in 2006. Goggins is practically unheard of in this tough race, having raised over $2 million and finishing in fifth place.

Goggins didn’t give up there, however; he kept at it and eventually became stronger thanks to his dedication to the gym. He completed 4030 pull-ups in 17 hours, shattering the previous record by almost 100. After facing insurmountable challenges, Goggins resolved to put pen to paper and record his story of triumph.

He published his autobiography, titled “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds,” in 2018. In it, he described the hardships he had gone through and how he had found the strength of will to overcome them. Goggins has accomplished so much in his life, and we look forward to seeing what more he does in the future.

David Goggins’s Stats (height, weight, etc.)

There are others who are genuinely interested in the health of their favorite stars. In the world of fandom, there is always a new fad about the ideal height, weight, eye color, body type, and so on.

What you’re asking for is reasonable, and we’ll give it to you. As for David Goggins’ stature, it’s 1.98 meters. A total of 86 kg The monetary value of mass may be adjusted at any moment. We do our best to highlight the most current.

David Goggins’ relationships and marriages

Is David Goggins taken or available for marriage? Here, you may ask him questions and learn about his life and opinions on topics that interest you. We embellished this part so that you might get a sense of his marital status, affairs, and interests.

Favorite people, colors, foods, and other things are also discussed. The following table provides information on marital status and other personal details.

David Goggins Biography

The net Worth of David Goggins and His Annual Salary

Have you heard how much David Goggins is worth? Where do most of your funds originate from? It’s important to note that both wealth and income evolve throughout time. What follows is a detailed accounting of his income, assets, and liabilities. Here you’ll find the most recent information on all of his debates. David Goggins has a net worth of 500,000 dollars.

Just who is Aleeza Goggins, the ex-wife of David Goggins?

While David Goggins prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, the fact that he was previously married is not hidden from the public eye. Her name is Aleeza, and she was born in Japan in 1961, where she works as a nurse. They apparently dated for a long time before getting married in 2005. They got a divorce in 2007, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Does David Goggins and Aleeza Goggins have any children together?

They were only married for a short time, and they did not start a family. Can’t Harm Me, his first novel, discloses, however, that he fathered a child with a woman named Pam.

David Goggins Children

The fact that he has a daughter is known. David doesn’t talk about his daughter or his possible romantic relationships.


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