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Christiana Boney is a well-known and well-known name since she was one of the women whose divorce from Steven Bauer initially caught the media’s notice.

She was born in the USA and is well-known for being Steven Bauer’s ex-wife. Since her divorce from a well-known actor, she has been silent and has not spoken about her ideas publicly. She was Steven Bauer’s third wife, and when they divorced, she kept her private life to herself.

Christiana Boney is the ex-wife of Steven Bauer. Steven’s third wife, Christiana, is highly known. She values her privacy a lot. Steven doesn’t talk about his prior unions. As her marriage to Steven ended, Christiana decided to avoid the spotlight.

Actor Steven is a dedicated and competent person. He is well renowned for his different characters in the movies and television series he acts in. He began his career in the entertainment sector about forty years ago. Steven started his acting career in 1977 and didn’t intend to stop. He is well known for playing villains in films and television shows.

Christiana Boney Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Christiana Boney
Gender: Female

Date of Birth




Place of birth



Famous For Ex-wife of Steven Bauer
Spouse Name


Steven Bauer (Ex-husband)
Profession N/A
Net Worth N/A

Year Active

  till date

Christiana Boney Biography:

Christiana Boney, Steven’s third wife and current ex-wife, was born in the country. Boney’s parents reared her in the United States, although nothing is known about her parents’ specific background. Christiana Boney’s birthdate and birth year still need to be discovered, making it challenging to estimate her age from the photographs we have of her as of 2023. Christiana’s educational background has yet to be made public, either. About Christiana Boney’s family and siblings, only a little is known.

Christiana is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and as of 2023, we don’t know how much she weighs. Boney, though, appears to have brown hair and eyes in her photographs.

Christiana Boney Career:

Most people now know Christiana Boney as the ex-wife of Cuban actor Steven Bauer. So, even if her job has not been discussed in the media, many people are interested in Steven Bauer’s third wife’s line of work. The general public still cannot access it, though. Despite being a famous ex-wife, Christiana Boney has not appeared in any movies or television series, unlike her ex-husband.

On the other side, her ex-husband is a Cuban-American actor who has appeared in several TV episodes and movies, such as Better Call Saul, Ray Donovan, Breaking Bad, and Scarface.

Christiana Boney Relationships:

Before their union, Steven and Christiana were married. 1992 saw the marriage of the pair. They were married for around nine years. Together, they are childless. Their marriage did not have a satisfying conclusion. In 2002, their divorce was finally formalized.

Christiana used to be entirely private, but she decided not to retreat from others even after their divorce. Because of this, details concerning her dating life after her divorce from Steven are now inaccessible.

Christiana Boney Ex-Husband:

Steven has a lengthy history of marriage and relationships. He has been married four times and has two girlfriends. Melanie Griffith was the subject of Steven’s first union. Their wedding took place on September 8, 1981. Steven and Melanie Bauer are the parents of Alexander Griffith Bauer. In 1989, after almost nine years of marriage, the couple decided to split. Because of multiple significant misunderstandings, they split up.

Steven remarried once his divorce from Melanie was legally settled. This time, he married Ingrid Anderson. The couple’s son Dylan Bauer is also born. Because of the intensifying conflicts, they split up in 1991. After that, Christiana was with him. He married Paulette Miltimore after Christiana.

Several women have been involved in relationships with Steve Bauer throughout the years, some of which have ended in marriage, divorce, or even casual dating. Steve has made a point of emphasizing his friendships with women and has been married four times.

Does Christiana Boney have a child?

As Christiana and Steven never had a child, it is unknown if she ever had any. Yet, she had Dylan Bauer and Alexander Griffith Bauer as stepchildren while she was still married to Steven. However, both their marriage and their romance came to an end. Alexander, a 35-year-old man, stays out of the limelight. On the other hand, Dylan is a self-employed witch who runs his own program.

Christiana Boney’s Net Worth:

The well-known ex-wife Christiana Boney could be wealthy. Boney’s career could be more precise; therefore, figuring out her net worth is challenging. As of February 2023, she then-husband Steven is estimated to be worth $5 million.

Social Media

There are no social networking sites where Christiana Boney is a member. Her private life has remained a secret. Boney has never used social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


  • She was the third wife of Steven Bauer.
  • Christiana wed her spouse in 1992, but the two later got divorced.
  • Boney has yet to give birth as of 2022.
  • After her divorce from Steven, she has maintained a secluded life.
  • She was married to Steven Bauer for over ten years.


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