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Beth Ann Santos is a popular celebrity who owns the Orange County Choppers. She is the founder of American Chopper, a very entertaining TV show.  Thus article will highlight several exciting information about Beth Santos. Keep reading!

Profile Summary

Birth Name

Beth Ann Santos

Nick Name/ Stage Name


Date of Birth

8th September 1957


65 years old

Place of birth





Former Model, Actress


5 feet; 7 inches

Net Worth

$1. 5 million

Hair color




Eye color


Marital status


Zodiac Sign


Current Residence

California, USA

Beth Ann Santos Childhood

Beth Ann Santos, an American TV star, is well-known for having been married to actor Paul Teutul.While they’ve been legally divorced since 2015, the couple’s names will always be synonymous with each other.

Prior to her marriage, Beth Ann Santos had a very typical existence. She became a household name once she was married, and then she became a celebrity.

Beth Ann Santos was born on September 8, 1957, in California, United States, under the sign of Virgo. She identifies as white and keeps her American citizenship. Unfortunately, information on her upbringing, parents, and schooling is scant. Beth’s professional career in television started after her wedding to Paul, and she appeared in two episodes of American Chopper.


Her spouse, Paul Teutul Sr., has also appeared on other shows, including Jay Leno, David Letterman, Good Morning America, and The Celebrity Apprentice. He also made appearances on shows including Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

It would seem that Beth Ann Santos has a really impressive height. She is mysteriously curvaceous without disclosing her exact measurements. Her eyes are green, and her hair is brown. She’s rather elderly, yet she seems to be in fine shape. Maybe she is a daily gymgoer.

Beth Ann Santos Career

For the record, we are aware that the woman Paul Teutul had sex with is Beth Ann Santos. Both of her marriages ended in divorce. It all started on August 30, 1975, when she married her longtime partner, Burton Dillon.

They ended their long-term relationship with a number of individual problems. Those who knew them from their last marriage also remember that the couple eventually split up because they couldn’t tolerate one another and often fought. Yet, the unsuccessful marriage did produce two beautiful children: Burton Dillon III and Brent Dillon.

A few years had passed before Beth finally crossed paths with Paul Teutul Sr. in 2007. Beth and Paul were married for almost eight years until their 2015 divorce. Both had filed for divorce, and Beth had no plans to wed again. Yet, she’s 61 years old now. Also, she never posts on social media, so we have no clue what she’s up to these days.

Beth Ann Santos Net worth

There is over one million dollars in Beth Ann Santos’s bank account. As a consequence of her efforts, Beth Ann Santos has earned a sizeable fortune, but she hasn’t shared the details.

Her family enjoys a life of luxury. Similarly, she has had a successful life. We also know that her ex-husband is a successful businessman with a net worth of $1.8 million. This suggests that they have a strong bond with one another.

Beth Ann Santos Education

So far as I know, she has never told me anything about her past or her schooling.It is presumed that she has completed formal education in a school in her own country.

She graduated from a nearby college, though we don’t know which one.

Paul, Beth’s Ex-husband

Like Beth, Teutul Sr. adored his previous wife, Paula Teutul, who also appeared in American Chopper: The Series. They tied the knot in a short, intimate ceremony.

They have four adorable children: Christin, Dan, Paul Jr. (born October 2, 1974), and Michael Teutul (born on November 26, 1978). After the birth of their children, the couple had a divorce, and Teutul Sr. is now the primary caretaker for his kids.

The Working Life of Beth Ann Santos

If we’re talking about Beth Ann’s working life, however, a lot remains unknown. Yet, no one is aware of Beth Ann Santos’s occupation. Just the fact that she has guest-starred on a few TV shows is known about her.

We all know that Beth enjoys keeping her life a mystery and seldom lets anybody in on any of the juicy facts. Also, Beth isn’t very active on social media, which makes it hard to know for sure what Beth Ann Santos does for a living.

And now that they’re grown up, her boys are both well established in their careers and able to provide for their mother.

The Beth Ann Santos Honors

Beth Ann Santos enjoys reading about everyday people. When she wed Paul Teutul Sr., she was thrust into the public eye, and she quickly gained enormous fame.

It has been reported that Beth Ann Santons has not won any accolades yet.


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