Bafama Cream Review (Explained)

Hello guys, welcome to my skincare reviews website, I  launched it weeks ago, so prior to my dedication to giving you guys only correct and human review information, It took me some time to write my first piece of content. Today I am here to give you an honest review about my personal experience with Bafama cream.

Bafama Cream Review

Category Bafama Cream
Overall Rating 4.0/5
Price 500 NGN
Ingredients corticosteroids, antimicrobial agents, anti-inflammatory agents, and emollients
Pros moisturizes the skin, Reduces the appearance of eczema, acne spots, dark spots, white patches
Cons Skin atrophy, redness, itching
Cream Sizes 15- and 30-gram
Manufacturer Gopaldas Visram & Co. Ltd. for Bliss GVS Pharmacy Ltd.
Manufactured Country India
Expiration Date 36 months after production
NAFDAC REG Number A4-9909

After using G-Derm for over 5 years, I decided to use another skin care product for clearing dark spots and pimples. So continue reading till the end to find out what Bafama cream can do to your skin.

Firstly, let’s talk about what Bafama Triple Action Cream can do to your skin, its functions, ingredients, and all other information about this cream that you need to know.

What is Bafama Cream?

Bafama Triple Action Cream is a Clotrimazole Cream that’s composed with skin correction ingredients such as.. for the main purpose of clearing unwanted dark spots, acne spots, and reducing the appearance of white patches.

Bafama is manufactured by Gopaldas Visram & Co. Ltd. for Bliss GVS Pharmacy Ltd. in India and marketed in the majority of African countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. It’s also available for purchase in Asia, Europe, and some American countries.

The main function of this cream is to correct and clear unwanted spots on the skin; it doesn’t lighten or brighten the skin. Meanwhile, it doesn’t darken the skin; even if you use it for months, just like me, it won’t darken or lighten up your skin.

It is primarily marketed in Nigeria by Seagreen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in Lagos. The Nafdac Registration number of Bafama cream is A4-9909. The expiration date of the cream is 36 months from the manufactured date, so it’s important to check the manufactured date of this cream before you purchase it to confirm that you bought the one that has not expired.

Bafama cream’s consistency is mild and not thick at all.

My Experience with Bafama Cream

Day 1.

I recently bought a body and face cream for fair skin to test for some time before I write a Review on it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t suit well with my face and causes pimples and little white patches. I noticed this on my face on the third day of using the cream on my face, so I have to get a skin dark spot and rash remover that’s more effective than my favorite g-derm cream, which makes me come through the Bafama cream.

The first day I used Bafama face cream was a Saturday. It’s a weekend. Early in the morning, after taking my bath, I spot-applied it on my face and rubbed everything together to rhyme.

After doing my regular schedule for Saturday, which is not really much because I like resting a lot on weekends, when it was 5 p.m. in the evening, I showered, getting prepared for the night, and I reapplied the bafama cream on my face again that same day, making it twice in a day.

It is a very good idea and confirmed by skincare experts to use face creams at night; even some skincare product manufacturers make night-only face and body creams because some ingredients in night creams become inactive in daylight due to exposure to sunlight but work best at night. I didn’t see any changes on my face the first time I applied it in the morning, so I slept off the cream in the night.

Day 2.

It’s Sunday, and I wake up early to pray in the morning and wash off the cream on my face. After I rinsed my face, I noticed a slight change in the pimples on my face reducing in size. Without much ado, I bathed in the morning and applied the cream again, and I do the same after I shower in the evening.

Day 3.

It’s working day, and I have to go to class since I stopped working to further my studies. It’s always busy and tedious to go to school in some Nigerian schools like the one I was attending at the time. I actually wanted to know how Bafama cream would react to my skin in sunny periods; maybe it’s also good to use under the sun or not, so I used it in the morning when I was going for my morning until afternoon class.

After the class at around 2:30 pm, I didn’t notice any signs of sweating, itching, or any other side effects of face creams that can be caused by sun rays. I showered when I got home and waited until the evening to apply it again to my face.

Day 8

After using it consistently twice daily for 7 days, Bafama face cream reduced the appearance of the acne spots on my face but was unable to clear the white patches on my face. Also, you should note that it didn’t fully clear the acne spots but reduced their appearance to a very small size.

Day 15

After using Bafama for over 2 weeks, I didn’t see any special work from this cream despite the hype that the seller gave it when I was about to purchase it (I’m not surprised because that’s how people hype their products in Nigeria; even the fairly used and bad products are hyped more than the good ones).

It doesn’t clear the white patches at all, and the pimples didn’t fully fade away; instead, they just kept reducing in appearance.

Day 31

After using Bafama cream for a month, I noticed a clearer face with a slightly smoother face because the cream didn’t remove the acne spots and white patches, but it reduced the appearance of the acne spots. I didn’t use any other cream on my face during these 30 days of using Bafama face cream, and it didn’t lighten or darken my skin.

Cream Recommendation

Bafama Triple Action Cream contains anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, and anti-allergic ingredients for reducing the appearance of acne spots, redness, itching, scaling, and wrinkles. It is highly recommended for the treatment of the skin problems I mentioned.

Cream Composition

Bafama cream is a triple-action, effective cream for the treatment of skin inflammatory, bacterial, and fungal infections. It comes in 15- and 30-gram containers, and the cream consistency is mild and slightly white in color.

Bafama face cream absorbs easily and quickly into the skin and doesn’t contain skin-itching ingredients.

How to know the original Bafama cream

1. Check the cream manufacturer, Original Bafama face and body cream, is Gopaldas Visram & Co. Ltd. for Bliss GVS Pharmacy Ltd. in India.

2. Check the cream NAFDAC REG number; the original Bafama Cream NAFDAC Registration Number is A4-9909.

3. Check the cream marketer; the original Bafama cream is only marketed in Nigeria by Seagreen Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

4. The original Bafama cream has an expiration date written on its container; if you can’t find it on the container, you will check the manufacturer date and calculate if the manufacturer date compared to the date you bought the cream is not up to 36 months because the cream will expire 36 months after the production date.

Bafama Cream Ingredients

Corticosteroids, antimicrobial agents, anti-inflammatory agents, and emollients.

Bafama Cream Benefits

  1. It smooths the skin.
  2. It clears wrinkle spots.
  3. It doesn’t darken the skin.
  4. It is an anti-aging facial cream.
  5. It is an antibacterial cream.
  6. It works best for skin fungus infections.
  7. It reduces the appearance of acne spots.
  8. It reduces the appearance of inflammatory spots.

Bafama Cream Side Effects

Skin atrophy may occur following long-term treatment with preparations containing corticosteroids.

Does Bafama Cream lighten skin?

No, it didn’t lighten my skin when I used it, so it is not a skin-lightening cream.

How Good Is Bafama Cream?

It is a very effective facial cream for reducing the appearance of acne spots.

How to use Bafama Triple Action Cream

Apply a small portion of the cream to the spot that’s infected and gently rub with your palm.

Does Bafama Triple Action Cream clear dark spots?

No, it doesn’t clear dark spots.

What type of skin can use Bafama Cream?

It can be used for all skin types, such as sensitive, oily, dry, fair, dark, and combination skin types.

Where To Buy Bafama Cream:

Bafama Triple Action Cream can be purchased in trusted cosmetics stores or online at trusted marketing stores such as Jumia and Konga.

Bafama Cream Price In Nigeria:

The price of Bafama Triple Action Cream in Nigeria is 500 NGN.

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